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Are you a player in the Textile business?

In this website you will find information regarding our company 
HTCI and its activity in France ,Europe ,USA
and Bangladesh .

You will gain a greater understanding of what we can do for you. 

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Are you facing an increase of goods from China and India?

 Do you want to diversify your outsourcing?

With 80% of the export value , 45% of local industrial activity and 4 millions of employees
the Bangladesh is now taking a forward position in a competitive market, with increasing production capabilities, new machinery and extended qualification and competence.
We can now produce almost any kind of garment , including jacquard knit , photo print , etc .

Based in Paris, we are a French company specializing in GARMENT PRODUCTION in Bangladesh, in the B2B sector where we have been operating since 2007 .

The HTCI Group is now in a position to offer its knowledge and experience in the Bangladesh Textile Industry by producing for your company models or lines developped by your own clothing designers but we are also proposing some original styles following forecasts from WGSN and others , with yarn we are sourcing from China.

We are confident that our expertise will satisfy your requirements. 

We specialize in the production of textile articles in: 


• important and medium international fashion groups ( from 400 to 900 shops )

 • popular fashion labels 

Our clients seek and expect excellence. They value our integrity and, under our care, their samples and models are protected under our strict confidentiality.
Even clients with an office in Dhaka look for our collaboration and recognise our expertise and competitiveness.



* we can provide you with analysis and recommendations specifically adapted to your unique needs and projects   * propose you to produce inside factories audited and agreed by ACCORD or ALLIANCE .
* ongoing monitoring of the process, from your original technical data transfer to the final delivery of your order to the port of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

* we supply you with:
- the first prototypes/samples following your initial technical file
- revised samples according to your designer and stylist first comments;
- PPS pre-production samples
- size sets prior to your OK PROD approval 
- shipping samples 
- delivery to your preferred freight forwarder;
- export documents for bank transfer via LC;
Meanwhile, validation labdips colors and accessories (neck labels, compo labels , hangtag) 

* Inline & final inspection by third party of your choice SGS, Intertek, AQM, ASIA etc. 

* Send regular reports via our integrated team of QC (quality control) during and after production. 

* Chemical tests on request to third party laboratories such as SGS, Intertek, etc. to confirm compliance with REACH: European Community Regulation , or US regulation .

* Strict monitoring of your specifications. 

* Shipment 90 days after opening of LC, 120 days in case of imported yarn